Tremco® Glazing Tape & 15″ Silicone Gun

Glazing Tapes available include cross-linked butyl preformed tapes, high-density polyurethane foam tapes and precision-extruded glazing seal consisting of EDPM rubber extrusion.

Tremco 440 Tape is a 100 percent solid Polyisobutylene cross-linked butyl, preformed sealant. It is unaffected by UV through glass and remains flexible at low temperatures. A 6-inch (150mm) toe bead of compatible sealant at each corner is required to minimize potential for water infiltration.

15″ Silicone Gun, 600ml sausage caulking gun 15 inch with smooth rod for longer dispensing tool. Aluminum alloy handle, trigger and carriage. Rotating barrel for maneuverability and easy caulk placement. Each one has a white nozzle. Use for doors and windows.

Tremco® Glazing Tape & 15" Silicone Gun

  • Construction
  • Renovation

Silicone Gun: 15″

Tremco® Glazing Tape
  • 6mm & 8mm
  • Customisable
  • N/A