Company trip

Company BALI Trip 2019

Bali Paradise

The long-awaited journey is finally here. KL, JB branch and Max plus hardware go to Bali Trip, we are visit different places and taste a variety of local cuisine

K3 Metal & Max Plus Bali Paradise Annual Dinner - SUPER HERO


Cosplay: Thor
Who am i? I am THOR!!THUNDER!!
Cosplay: Super Mario
Beautiful princess, your hero is COMING!!!
Cosplay: Zorro
JUSTICE, I’ll guardit!

In 2019, we will go to Indonesian Bali, our second branch JB partners will join us, and our partner Max Plus Machinery & Hrdware sdn bhd, 5D4N journey, we have a good time, visit the local scenery As well as customs, I tasted the local cuisine. It’s really fascinating. Although we only have five days to get along well, have fun together, forget all the troubles, there is no boss, no manager, only have friends, at the last day, we have a superhero-themed Annual Dinner. Everyone was very enthusiastic, we have Thor, Super Mario, Zorro, Harry Potter, etc. It was a very happy, very happy evening, A five-day company trip is completion, we will do our best to serve you, WE BUILD FOR TOMORROW!!